About Applied Memetics LLC

Applied Memetics LLC is a professional services company dedicated to integrating and delivering best practice communication and information solutions in pre-conflict, conflict, or post-conflict areas.  

The world has changed: ‘always on’ brands require a new way of thinking to engage and manage their consumers. Our purpose is to inspire original thinking through a deeper understanding of technology and human behaviour.  From strategy through to implementation, our teams of connected specialists – all experts in their respective fields – work together to help our clients maximise the opportunities created by the changing digital world and create a multi faceted digital strategy through to implementation.

Our work explores a new model of journalism that is based around a global story – in this case, the struggle for human rights and democracy around the world. Our goal is to build a better user experience of these stories by adding context to content, using the latest digital tools of the day. Over time, we hope to add greater clarity, deeper understanding, and more sustained engagement to the conversations surrounding global events. As such, our content is transcribed and translated into English for broadcast to a global audience.

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